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July 19-22, 2024

The Mysterious Discovery of the Centre of the Universe at Vidette Lake

In the early 1980s, a remarkable event unfolded at Vidette Lake in Deadman Valley, located 30 kilometers east and 50 kilometers north of Kamloops, British Columbia. On a snowy November day, a man dressed in white robes, later identified as an apprentice monk, arrived at the Vidette Lake Gold Mine Resort. He introduced himself to the resort owner, claiming to have pinpointed the Centre of the Universe. The owner, intrigued and hospitable, welcomed him into his cabin, a structure with historical roots dating back to the 1860s as a Fur Trading Post. The apprentice monk had been sent from San Francisco by his Rinpoche, or Master Teacher, who had identified this specific location on a map, despite never having visited it. The monk's mission was to conduct a series of tests to verify this bold claim. After performing these tests, which included geographical assessments and mystical phenomena such as spontaneous fires and choral sounds, the monk concluded that the site indeed held significant spiritual power. This initial visit sparked further interest, and in 1984, the Master Teacher along with a group of followers returned to conduct more extensive tests. They confirmed the site's spiritual significance, particularly noting its geographic features resembling a ship's prow and its unique position at the confluence of three valleys. The site's spiritual allure attracted more visits, including a significant one in 1988 by high-ranking monks who attempted to secure the land for spiritual purposes. Although their efforts to bring the Dalai Lama to the site fell through, the location continued to draw monks and spiritual seekers. Unbeknownst to many, the site also held special significance for the local First Nations people, further adding to its mystical and historical importance.



Spiritual and Mystical Exploration during your stay:

1. Energy Healing: Vidette Lake's reputation as a spiritual center makes it an ideal place for energy healing sessions. Practitioners may offer Reiki, chakra balancing, or other energy modalities to help you align and harmonize your energy.

2. Sacred Ceremonies: Participating in sacred ceremonies, such as sweat lodges or drumming circles, can provide profound spiritual experiences. These ceremonies often draw on Indigenous traditions and offer a deep connection to the land and its energies.

3. Astrology Readings: For those interested in astrology, having a reading done in this spiritually charged environment can offer unique insights and guidance. Astrologers may provide personalized charts and interpretations based on your birth details.

4. Crystal Healing: The natural beauty and energy of Vidette Lake make it a perfect setting for crystal healing sessions. Practitioners can use various crystals to help balance your energy, promote healing, and enhance your spiritual connection. The serene environment amplifies the effects of the crystals, making the experience even more profound.

5. Shamanic Journeys: Engaging in a shamanic journey with a skilled guide can be a transformative experience. These journeys often involve drumming, meditation, and visualization techniques to help you connect with your spirit guides and gain insights into your life's path.

6. Tarot and Oracle Readings: Receiving a tarot or oracle card reading in the mystical ambiance of Vidette Lake can provide clarity and guidance on your personal and spiritual journey. The reader can help you interpret the messages from the cards and apply them to your life.

7. Spiritual Counseling: For those seeking deeper spiritual understanding and support, spiritual counseling sessions can offer valuable insights and guidance. These sessions can help you navigate life's challenges and align with your higher purpose.

8. Labyrinth Walks: Walking a labyrinth is a meditative practice that can help you find inner peace and clarity. Vidette Lake may have labyrinths designed for this purpose, allowing you to engage in this ancient practice in a serene and sacred setting.

By immersing yourself in the diverse activities and experiences offered at Vidette Lake, you can create a balanced and enriching visit that caters to both your adventurous spirit and your need for relaxation and spiritual growth. Whether you're seeking physical challenges, creative inspiration, or deep inner peace, Vidette Lake provides a sanctuary where you can connect with nature, yourself, and the universe in profound and meaningful ways.


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